family bonus

We have the perfect bonus for family nuclei from 4 members of the same family (PARENTS AND CHILDREN).
World record
of speed
2000 m
of length
160 km
per hour
400 m


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Recomendaciones y normas a tener en cuenta.

Los límites de peso podrán variar según las condiciones metereológicas pos su seguridad.

1Arrive 15 minutes early

Customers must be 15 minutes before their reservation time at reception.

2 Users Weight

In individual descents the user must weigh between 40 and 130 kg.

In double or duo descents, maximum weight 150 kg between the 2 users. Minimum weight 35 kg and maximum difference between users 40 kg. For example a person of 40 kg and another of 80 kg, a person of 40 kg and another of 90 kg would not be possible.

3 Under age

Youth under 18 years of age: must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian.

They must carry an ID and have confirmed the consent and document of responsibilities of a parent or guardian.

In the case of a group of children that include these ages, there must be a parent or guardian for every 7 children.

4 Gear

When you pick up the necessary material to carry out the activity (helmet, glasses, harness, car) you will have to leave your ID or driving license in deposit.

Contractual, non-contractual or compensation civil liability agreement.