FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about Pyrenees Zip-line, if you don’t find an asnwer to your question, you can contact us, we will be glad to help you.

How far in advance shoud I arrive at our facilities?

You should arrive at our facilities  15 minutes earlier than your booking to do the check-in.

How does the activity work?

You will drive till the Zip-line parking, then you will go to the reception desk to do the check-in and receive the rest of the activity instructions. Our team will equip you with the harness and all the necessary safety measures and will take you to the start point of the zip-line in 4×4 vehicles. The descent ends in the same point as the reception desk is.

How long does the activity last in total?

From your booking hour, in total, it takes between 30 and 45 minutes. Going up by 4×4 car takes 20 minutes till the start point of the Zip-line, and 10 or 20 minutes till all the group makes the descent.

Where will I keep my personal belongings?

Free lockers are available to keep any object that is likely to be lost or that is not comfy to do the activity with (handbags, bum bags, purses, car keys, etc). The company shall not be responsible for any damages or losses of the personal belongings.

Can I record my flight?

Any device you want to bring with you to record must be fixed during the descent in the zip-line. You can take with you your mobile phone but it must be kept in a closed pocket or if you want to have it in your hands it should be attached to you with a rope or by any fixing element. The same rules for action cameras, our helmets have an universal hook, in case you want to flight with them in your hand, they should be fixed with and extra safety element. We do not offer action cameras for rent nor it is permitted the use of drones in the surroundings of our facilities.

If I don’t want to do the activity, is it possible to get in the car and see how my partner or friend flights?

No, going up by car is exclusive for clients.

Do you make any type of phograph?

We have a camera which uses the lastest technology in the very same moment you stop. When the activity ends, the guide will give you a ticket with a QR code on it, you will be able to preview the photo, and if you like it, you will be able to buy it, on line process.

Which clothes should I be wearing?

Comfy clothes, it is not necessary to wrap yourself up warm more than the ambient temperature. It will be necessary wearing shoelace footwear (not flip-flops or sandals without fastener at the ankles or heles allowed)

Is it posible that my companion or pet waits for me?

We have a resting area, terraces and a small bar where you will be able to wait while you see your family or friends flight with the zip-line. We also have screens where you will see their departure live!

In the even of underage children or pets waiting, an adult must take take responsibility of them, flying at a different time or with someone who is not flying.

Can I have access to the zip-line’s start point with my own car?

No, because it is a private forest trail with difficulties to be driving through, it is only for internal use, for your own safety and good functioning of the activity.

If I dont flight with the zip-line, may I know when is my companion flying to get ready to record it?

Yes! You can see your friend at the office’s screen, it is also connected to departure’s zone, there you will see the next person getting ready to fly.

In case I want to flight in pairs / tamdem, should I do any different step when booking it?

No, you just need to make the booking for two people, as it was an individual flight, and once you arrive at the facilities, we will let the guides know you want to flight in pairs. Reminder to flights in pairs: 150 kg is the maximum weight allowed (both people) and weights diffence will not be more than 40 kg. If you are underage, you must weight at least 35 kg.