Flying without wings over the Pyrenees. A magical experience with Ordesa and Monte Perdido as a backdrop

“Construction process of the Ordesa Pirineos zip line, in the heart of the Pyrenees. At the entrance of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. Until obtaining the world speed record and become part of the Top Ziplines worldwide (Zipline world Records)”.

Since 1990, when the Pyrenees Balcony began, 3 have been the pillars to reach the current point:

Privileged location at the entrance of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido. In Buesa, a place with privileged views and climate, as well as being a natural access to the Ordesa viewpoints by the Caña trail, which also serves as access to the Zero Fuente del Gato route.

Close treatment and listening to the customer
This has helped us to evolve by adapting to the tastes and needs of our clients.

. Based on listening and continuous improvement, we have worked to position ourselves as an accommodation with special equipment for couple getaways, a restaurant specializing in meats, where we serve pieces of the best suppliers nationwide, both beef and cow. After having accommodation and restaurant, we present the Ordesa Pirineo Zip Line, which after 11 years of project has positioned itself as a perfect complement to the Pyrenees Balcony, as well as an essential activity for those who visit the Pyrenees of Huesca. Attached is a link to the speed test in which the world record was broken in June 2021.

The start-up of the zip line has taken place after an 11-year process, fulfilling the following conditions:

Environmental criteria

We are aware that any activity generates an impact on the environment and that we are privileged to live and enjoy daily one of the best natural environments and landscapes of the entire Iberian Peninsula, so the actions have been carried out so that they were the best integrated into the environment, it is also necessary to note that this activity will generate directly 6 permanent jobs and 8 other temporary jobs and I estimate that other both indirect, which is very positive in a very affected area of what is now said Spain emptied. We are in a privileged environment next to the National Park of Ordesa and Monteperdido, surrounded by areas of protection figures of the Natura 2000 network, special protection area of the Bearded Vulture, Geo Sobrarbe park. A location was sought outside of any protection figure and with a minimum environmental impact. Subsequently, a Simplified Environmental Impact Study was drafted, which received a favorable resolution from the Aragon Institute of Environmental Management. As an anecdote, there was a neighbor from Fiscal who called me alarmed because after the construction she could not see the line of the zip line. As there is only one exit and one arrival bollard, the zip line cable is only visible in certain lighting conditions, being much more visually discreet than a medium voltage power line that feeds any Pyrenean population.

Add that there is a parallel line to the zip line for signaling the birdlife, in this sense the power supply of the base of the zip line station has been done subway to avoid visual impact.

2-Technical and economic criteria, construction Tirolina Ordesa Pirineos.

The zip line describes a catenary of 2000 m, the rope that allows this distance was manufactured in Switzerland and allows a tension of 56 Tons of force. The curve it describes must comply with a safety coefficient and allow an optimal arrival at the braking zone.

The most economical location is the one that allows us to make optimal use of the descents that the zip line can have, with the minimum possible transport. Attached is a video of the construction:




Seven lines were designed in seven different locations that met the technical requirements, and it was finally in Fiscal, where the Ordesa Pirineos Tyrolean traverse could be built.

Fiscal is a municipality located in the heart of the Pyrenees, equidistant in time from the main tourist towns in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees; to the North Torla-Ordesa, to the East Ainsa-Sobrarbe and to the West Jaca.

The activity consists of a climb in a 4×4 Land Rover Defender or Volkswagen transporter van, which serves as a panoramic and interpretative visit on the Ara river, from which you can see much of the riverbed, as well as the areas of Sobrepuerto and La Solana, which suffered a brutal rural exodus in the 1960s and mainly the views of the main peaks of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Monte Perdido, Marbore, Pico Anónimo, Brecha de Rolando, Taillon, Gabietos, Mondarruego, Comachibosa,…)..)

At this moment the Ordesa Pirineos zip line is certified as the fastest zip line in the world, to establish this record it was necessary to coordinate a pilot with experience as a parachutist. as well as the Aerofun company that built the zip line and guided us at the base of the previous speed record in Italy, as well as the company’s guides. who verified the safety conditions and finally the record of Record World and Sthendal, a graphic design company.



The zip line descent is suitable for anyone between 35 and 130 kg, who does not have any heart problems or is not pregnant. The experience of descending the zip line is as close to flight as possible, since it is done in a horizontal position, there are no moments of great acceleration so that the sensation of flight is very pleasant. “”



The purpose from which the Ordesa Pirineo Zip Line was born was to generate a unique experience that could complement the experience offered both apartments with jacuzzi or premium steak that we already offer in Balcon del Pirineo. So that for customers staying at Balcón del Pirineo we offer a discount and offer of -10% for weekday low season descents, from March to December.

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