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Reccomendations and rules to keep in mind

Weight limits may change depending on the weather conditions for your own safety.

1. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your booking

Clients must arrive 15 minutes earlier than their booking at reception desk.

2. Client’s weight

In individual drops, clients should weight between 40 and 130 kg.

In double or duo drops, the maximum weight permitted is 150 kg (adding both users). The minimum weight permitted is 35 kg and the maximum weight difference between users is 40 kgs. For example, a person weighting 40 kg and the other one of 80 is ok, but if the other person’s weight is 90 kg, it would not be ok.

3. Underage children

Underage children must be accompanied by an participant parent or guardian.

They must bring their ID card as well as a signed parental consent and liability document.

Underage groups must be accompanied by one parent or tutor for every 7 children.

4. Material

When picking up the necessary material for the activity (helmet, glasses, harness, trolley) an identity document or driving licence will be requested as a deposit.